Handsome DevilDoug Reed (aka “BaronVonReed”) is an actor, award-winning playwright, novelist, and former sportswriter based in the Madison, Chicago, Milwaukee triangle.

His works appear regularly in Madison-area theaters, including Broom Street, the Bartell, and the Stoughton Opera House. He has also been produced throughout the U.S., including shows in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. To inquire about performance rights, reprints, and commissions, use the contact form.

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I Want My MTV

There hasn’t been much news on the acting front lately, as I juggle the twin demands of a new job and a brutal winter. But I did get to make my music video debut in Heaven’s Gate by The Peekaboos. It’s the cheerful musical tale of the 1997 mass suicide, and I play their leader.

It’s from their album Stay Positive – which you should definitely be acquainted with.

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